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Meditations on kids and this business

I have been self-employed since the day I left college in 1994.  I have weathered the ups and downs of an ever-changing economy and adapted my business model as my professional standing changed.  As anyone who has spent even a brief time totally self-reliant on the work they can drag in, knows it is a very demanding life choice.  It's demanding due to the lack of security, every month is a new month every shoot could be your last.  I have learned the fine art of compartmentalizing the vertigo-inducing ups and downs of this business, not allowing the dark thoughts of perceived artistic incompetence or insecurity to creep in and wreak a perfectly good day.  Yet as is often chatted about on those more sunny days, it beats the heck out of the mind-numbing knowledge of knowing what you will be doing every hour of every day.  The upside to all this is, you might be sitting at home on Monday get a call on Tuesday then be off to the islands on Thursday, that's without question awesome…

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